White House challenges 20 cities on ObamaCare

The Obama administration is challenging 20 cities, with some of the nation’s highest uninsured rates, to sign up the largest number of people for healthcare as part of a new outreach strategy in its toughest enrollment season yet.

The list includes some of the nation’s most populous cities — Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Dallas — as well as midsize cities like Detroit, Kansas City and Richmond.


Each participating city is run by a Democratic or independent mayor, though most are in states with a Republican governor.

The city that sees the largest bump in insurance sign-ups will receive a visit from President Obama — and “bragging rights,” the news release said.

The White House announced the challenge one day after Obama talked up open enrollment in a half-dozen radio interviews across the country, a sign that he is taking a more personal approach than in past years.

“Through this challenge, we are calling on community leadership to build outreach efforts to reach these remaining uninsured and help them gain coverage,” the White House wrote in a statement.

The third sign-up season for ObamaCare is expected to be its toughest yet. Federal health officials are expecting to add less than 1 million new customers to ObamaCare's rolls this year.

The remaining uninsured population is harder to reach, living in poorer areas with smaller bank accounts and sometimes speaking another language.