Planned Parenthood launches anti-Romney blitz in Colorado


"Mitt Romney’s proposed policies would devastate women across this country who need access to affordable, quality healthcare," said PPAF Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens in a statement on the Colorado effort.

Between PPAF and PPVotes, plans include targeted television, mobile and online ads, a rally on Tuesday featuring PPAF President Cecile Richards, and a giant movable chalkboard in downtown Denver "where pedestrians can paint their questions" for Romney.

The groups describe their work as "painting Denver pink" for the debate. Colorado is a swing state in this election, and its female voters could decide which candidate succeeds.

Romney's campaign responded by saying that women "can't afford another four years" of the current president.

Obama has "made it more difficult for women to start businesses, keep more money in the bank, or see their children graduate with good jobs on the horizon," Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said.

"Despite what the Obama campaign says, women are concerned about what’s happened over the last four years — and they can’t afford another four years of the same."