Kerry, Schwartz propose better care coordination for seniors


"Preventable and highly manageable chronic diseases consume 75 percent of healthcare costs making it vital that we find common-sense solutions to ensure that seniors can better manage their chronic diseases," said Schwartz in a statement.

"Improved coordination of care is essential to ensuring that seniors can live healthier lives and remain independent in their homes as long as possible."

Schwartz's bill would instruct state and regional Agencies on Aging to promote care coordination plans aimed at seniors with chronic illnesses.

It would also amend the Older Americans Act to define coordination as an objective.

"For the past 47 years, the Older Americans Act has provided indispensable services that have improved the lives of millions of older Americans, persons with disabilities, and their families by allowing them to live independently," Kerry said in a statement.

"This legislation will ensure that older Americans with multiple chronic illnesses are getting the care and services they need from all providers."