Another half-million people sign up for ObamaCare

Another half-million people sign up for ObamaCare
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Another half-million people signed up for ObamaCare in the second week of open enrollment, the Obama administration announced Wednesday.

About 535,000 people applied for coverage, just shy of last week’s figure of 540,000 — a sign that people are still seeking out coverage even after attention on the new enrollment period has faded.


The steady pace of sign-ups is good news for the administration.

Health officials have already warned that this year’s enrollment season will be tougher because most of the country’s easier-to-reach uninsured people already have coverage.

Crucially, new customers made up about one-third of the total 534,778 sign-ups, though not all will follow through with their applications and pay their first premiums.

The administration is aiming for a lower-than-expected enrollment goal this year, looking to add a little shy of 1 million people over the next year.

A total of 9.1 million people are currently paying for ObamaCare, a figure that officials hope to increase to 10 million.

Traffic on the government's HealthCare.gov website was also high, with a total of 2.6 million viewers over the last week. Nearly 5.4 million people have clicked on the website since enrollment began Nov. 1.

New customers have until Jan. 31 to pick a plan or they will be charged a hefty fee under the individual mandate. Existing customers can also switch plans until that date.