Celebs back Obama in 'Yes We Plan' video


The 2008 will.i.am video featured a wide range of film and music stars, including Scarlett Johansson, Common and John Legend.

The new Planned Parenthood Action Fund clip shows actress Julianne Moore and musicians Mary J. Blige and Q-Tip standing with representatives of the group, backed by music from Bryan-Michael Cox.

"Generation after generation, we have built a better world for our daughters," the speakers say. "We believe that when we make the important decisions about our lives, our heath and our families, we have control over our destinies."

Planned Parenthood's public funding has been a major political issue since Republicans claimed the House in 2010. Defunding the group is an article of faith for abortion-rights opponents, who say taxpayer money need not support a major provider of abortions. Federal law prohibits that public money pay for abortion procedures.

Romney has said he opposes abortion rights except in cases of rape, incest or when the mother's life is in danger. He has said he would like to see the Supreme Court repeal Roe v. Wade in order to leave abortion policy to elected officials.

He has also pledged to defund Planned Parenthood, something Moore alluded to in a statement Tuesday.

"Millions of women rely on Planned Parenthood for their basic healthcare. And it is up to us — to every woman across the country — to support the only presidential candidate who gets this," Moore said.

As of recently, Planned Parenthood's political arms have spent about $5.7 million against Romney. The amount spent against Obama on the issue of abortion by the Susan B. Anthony List is just over $1 million. 

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