Trump clarifies that he supports repealing ObamaCare mandate

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Donald Trump on Friday made clear that he would repeal all of ObamaCare, including the individual mandate to buy insurance, after saying a day earlier that he liked the mandate. 

The question arose at a CNN town hall for GOP presidential candidates on Thursday when Trump said, “I like the mandate,” while also saying he would repeal ObamaCare, which he called a “disaster.”

Earlier on Friday, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) criticized Trump for praising the mandate.

Trump tweeted Friday that he was referring to a “backstop” for people with pre-existing conditions when saying he liked the mandate, without elaborating on what that means. Trump says that people with pre-existing conditions will be able to get coverage under his plan, which is one of the most popular aspects of ObamaCare.

Trump has come under criticism from some Republicans for previously supporting single-payer healthcare, which is anathema to Republicans. But on Thursday night and again in his tweets on Friday, Trump said he is not proposing a single-payer system, instead putting forward some standard Republican ideas. 

He said he favors health savings accounts, which provides some tax breaks on savings used for health expenses, as well as allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines. 

He also said his plan will have “private plans,” which are a contrast to single-payer but are also already present on ObamaCare’s marketplaces. 

Trump ended his string of tweets with a shot at two of his rivals, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, claiming they “gave us” Chief Justice John Roberts, who provided the decisive vote in favor of ObamaCare. 

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