Protesters disrupt Perry fundraiser over Medicaid

All eyes were on Perry after Florida Gov. Rick Scott's announcement that he would participate in the healthcare law's Medicaid expansion. Both Perry and Scott are hard-line conservatives and critics of the Affordable Care Act, and Scott's about-face on the Medicaid expansion fueled speculation that more GOP governors would follow.

Since Scott's announcement, Perry has reiterated that he has no plans to participate in the Medicaid expansion, which is fully funded by the federal government. He has also refused to build a state-based insurance exchange, deferring instead to a federally run marketplace.

A video of the protest — released by OurDC, the Washington-based group that organized it — briefly showed Perry responding to the protesters by citing the number of healthcare professionals who call Texas home. 

Perry often touts an influx of doctors who moved to Texas after the state enacted strict limits on medical malpractice suits.