Study: Major gains in coverage under ObamaCare in California

Over 70 percent of Californians who were uninsured in 2013 now have coverage, according to a new study. 


The study from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 72 percent of people in the state uninsured in 2013, just before ObamaCare’s coverage expansion began, now have coverage. 

California is one of the states that has gone the farthest in embracing ObamaCare. It has expanded Medicaid under the law and has taken an engaged approach to running its state marketplace.

Many but not all of the newly insured got ObamaCare coverage, though. Thirty-three percent received coverage through the newly expanded Medicaid program, and 11 percent had coverage through the ObamaCare marketplace. 

Overall, the newly insured reported significant gains in access to healthcare. Seventy-seven percent now say their health needs are being met, compared to 49 percent who said so in 2013 when they were uninsured. 

Even though they have insurance, 53 percent still say they are worried about being able to pay for medical care in the event of serious accident, though that number is down from 80 percent in 2013 when they were uninsured.