Biggest push to promote ObamaCare will begin in Oct.


Marilyn Tavenner, whom Obama has nominated to lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), said the open enrollment period for exchanges will include "a major launch effort that will engage all media channels."

The administration will ramp up to that push this summer with a call center and additional outreach to people who will help consumers navigate the exchanges, Tavenner said.

HHS has a massive task on its hands as it sets up all or part of the exchanges in the 33 states that are not fully running their own marketplaces. The department is building a federally run exchange in those states while also assisting and coordinating with the 17 states that elected to control their own exchanges.

Tavenner said the department has spent roughly $400 million so far building the federal exchange and the data hub that will process applications for both federal and state exchanges.