Enroll America chief urges Texans to embrace ObamaCare

Filipic coauthored the piece with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

The effort to target Texas, which leads the country in uninsured residents, comes as the Obama administration races to meet several crucial deadlines in ObamaCare's implementation.

The state insurance exchanges will not be successful unless they enroll a wide cross section of patients starting Oct. 1.

Filipic's group is mounting a "Get Covered America" campaign to spread the word about eligibility for help under healthcare reform.

Volunteers are expected to approach the public in their communities and by walking door to door, especially in states with large uninsured populations.

Texas may be a particularly hard sell for those volunteers. The state is controlled by GOP critics of the healthcare law and has refused to expand Medicaid under the reform.

Just this month, Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) slammed ObamaCare and repeated his opposition to participating in the law's exchanges.

"What do you really expect from a piece of legislation that the vast majority of the members of Congress didn't read before they voted," Perry said on Fox News.

"This administration is just kind of making it up as they go."