Obama slams ‘reckless’ ObamaCare repeal plan in medical journal

Obama slams ‘reckless’ ObamaCare repeal plan in medical journal
President Obama on Friday penned an essay for the New England Journal of Medicine warning against the GOP plan to repeal his signature healthcare law without a replacement lined up.
“Health care reform requires an evidence-based, careful approach, driven by what is best for the American people,” Obama wrote, calling the repeal-and-delay plan “reckless.”
Congress is planning votes to repeal much of ObamaCare, using a legislative process known as reconciliation, which blocks Senate Democrats from being able to filibuster. 
But Republicans have yet to settle on a replacement plan, so they are likely to delay the effects of the repeal for a period of several years. ObamaCare has led to insurance coverage for about 20 million people.
Obama expressed pride in his signature health law but acknowledged it has issues that need to be addressed, “such as a lack of choice in some health insurance markets, premiums that remain unaffordable for some families, and high prescription-drug costs.”
“But persistent partisan resistance to the [Affordable Care Act] has made small as well as significant improvements extremely difficult,” the president added.
“Put simply, all our gains are at stake if Congress takes up repealing the health law without an alternative that covers more Americans, improves quality, and makes health care more affordable. That move takes away the opportunity to build on what works and fix what does not.”
Obama closed by quoting the Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.”