Planned Parenthood president warns of health crisis for women if ObamaCare is repealed

Planned Parenthood president warns of health crisis for women if ObamaCare is repealed
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The president of Planned Parenthood is warning of a health crisis for millions of women if ObamaCare is repealed.

"I think we're seeing the most effective pushback ever on this issue," Cecile Richards told David Axelrod on "The Axe Files," a podcast from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN.
"It is no longer a theoretical bill; it is that [people] are now recognizing their kids aren't going to be able to stay on their health insurance, or that Congress just voted to end the birth-control benefit, or that women are no longer protected from preexisting conditions. It's becoming very personal and very real."
Richards said repealing former President Obama's signature healthcare legislation and defunding Planned Parenthood would "create havoc."
"Particularly for women in this country who have the least access to healthcare," she said.
She pointed to Texas, where funding for family planning services has been cut over the past few years.
"We've seen a doubling of the maternal mortality rate for women in Texas," she said. 
"This particularly is hitting low-income women, and women of color, particularly African-American women. We've seen less women being able to access birth control."
Speaker Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanPaul Ryan moving family to Washington Embattled Juul seeks allies in Washington Ex-Parkland students criticize Kellyanne Conway MORE (R-Wis.) said earlier this month that defunding Planned Parenthood would be included as part of a bill to repeal ObamaCare.
He said cutting off federal funds to the organization would be included in a "reconciliation" bill that also repeals the core of ObamaCare.
Ryan said community health centers could be used instead, but Richards said those facilities have indicated they "cannot possibly absorb the patients that Planned Parenthood takes care of."
"The more restrictions that are passed by Congress — by these states — it's not making women healthier; it's not even reducing abortion," she said. "It's actually making women less safe."