WebMD launches online ObamaCare guide


These efforts are likely to come as a relief to the Obama administration. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius lamented Monday that she does not have the resources she would like in order to promote the law.

The information campaigns launch as conservative groups like FreedomWorks seek to discourage enrollment in the law's exchanges as a protest against ObamaCare.

The WebMD site offers help with a long list of features, including videos, quizzes, countdowns and insurance cost calculators. Extensive FAQs, articles and infographics also shed light on how the health law functions. 

"WebMD has more than a decade of expertise in providing health insurance information," said WebMD Interim CEO David Schlanger in a statement.

"The Health Care Reform Center builds on this expertise at a time when there is an immense need for trusted, objective information about complex legislation.

"We simplify it into information that is relevant, trustworthy, credible and, most importantly, actionable." 

The WebMD launch includes a twin website with information for healthcare providers.