Week ahead: House GOP's ObamaCare blueprint under scrutiny

Week ahead: House GOP's ObamaCare blueprint under scrutiny
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Congress is heading out of town for a week long recess, but that doesn't mean the healthcare developments will slow down.

House Republicans on Thursday distributed the outlines of a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare to rank and file lawmakers to talk about in their districts over the break.

The healthcare world will be chewing over the plan, and watching for details to be filled in.

America's Essential Hospitals, which represents hospitals that treat many low-income people, warned about the plan's restructuring of Medicaid with the aim of capping federal payments.


"We are deeply concerned it could reduce federal support for the Medicaid program," Bruce Siegel, the group's president, said in a statement.

"Substantial cuts would be unsustainable for our hospitals and their patients," he added.

Republican lawmakers could face more anger over ObamaCare from constituents at town halls and other events as members return to their districts.

Democrats are looking to raise the pressure, holding rallies and events to defend the Affordable Care Act.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) told reporters Friday that she thinks Republicans have failed to listen to their constituents.

"I think they have a tin ear to what people are saying to them," she said.

Pelosi dismissed the proposal put forward by Republicans on Thursday as lacking details. She said they released it "just so they can say they have a press release, but they really don't have a plan."

Meanwhile, employer groups are likely to ramp up opposition to the idea of starting to tax more generous employer-sponsored health insurance plans. That proposal is being discussed by Republicans as a way to pay for their proposal.

The idea is controversial, though, because it would mean some health insurance plans would start to be taxed.


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