American Medical Association opposes GOP ObamaCare bill

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The nation’s biggest doctors group on Wednesday came out in opposition to the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement bill, warning that it would cause millions of people to lose coverage. 

“As drafted, the AHCA would result in millions of Americans losing coverage and benefits,” said Dr. Andrew Gurman, president of the American Medical Association (AMA), referring to the American Health Care Act.

“By replacing income-based premium subsidies with age-based tax credits, the AHCA will also make coverage more expensive — if not out of reach — for poor and sick Americans. For these reasons, the AMA cannot support the AHCA as it is currently written.”

{mosads}The opposition from the powerful doctors group adds to a range of objections from the healthcare industry to the GOP bill. The American Hospital Association on Tuesday also came out against the legislation. 

The AMA also objected that the GOP bill bases its tax credits on someone’s age, not their income, giving less help to low-income people. The group warned of rolling back ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, an area where some GOP lawmakers also have concerns. 

The AMA also opposes a provision in the bill defunding Planned Parenthood.

“We encourage you to ensure that low and moderate income Americans will be able to secure affordable and adequate coverage and that Medicaid, [Children’s Health Insurance Program], and other safety net programs are maintained and adequately funded,” the AMA said in its letter to Congress. “And critically, we urge you to do all that is possible to ensure that those who are currently covered do not become uninsured.”



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