Trump backs GOP healthcare bill in weekly address

President Trump on Friday voiced his support for the GOP legislation to repeal and replace ObamaCare while pledging to reduce the cost of health services.

"Through seven long years of botched rollouts, soaring costs, cancelled plans, and bureaucratic mandates, Americans have called out for relief. And relief is what we are determined to give them," Trump said during the weekly White House address.

"I want every American to know that action on Obamacare is an urgent necessity," he added.

Trump's commitment to the plan from the House GOP leadership comes as it faces opposition from conservative lawmakers, who have called for a straight repeal of ObamaCare instead of tying repeal to a replacement plan.

Trump said that the GOP legislature "follows the guidelines" of the White House in respect to numerous policy areas.

"The House plan follows the guidelines I laid out in my recent address to Congress — expanding choice, lowering costs, and providing healthcare access for all," Trump said.

"In concert with the plan in front of Congress, I have directed Dr. Tom Price, our Secretary of Health and Human Services, to use his authority to reduce regulations that are driving up costs of care," he added.
The president also maintained that the White House is currently "working on reforms that lower the costs of care, like allowing Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines."

Trump encouraged the Democrats to "work with us" on the new healthcare system while underscoring that the administration "will be driving down the costs" of care.

"I encourage Democrats to work with us to improve the healthcare system for the American people," he said.