Mulvaney: GOP healthcare plan a 'framework'

White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney on Sunday called House Republicans' plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare a "framework."

"This is the bill the president has looked at and said, 'Yes, this is what will work,' " Mulvaney said on ABC's "This Week."

"If the House thinks they can make it a little better, if the Senate thinks they can make it a little better, we're open to talking about those types of things."

Mulvaney said there is no reason to rush the plan, adding that it is not being rushed now.

"The bill here is the framework, it's a really nice framework. We like it. It's a good repeal and replacement bill," he said


"If there are ideas in the House ... regarding things like changing the [Medicaid] expansion date ... those are great ideas that would improve the bill. If the House sees fit to make the bill better, it certainly has the support of the White House."

Mulvaney also touted the plan, saying the GOP's healthcare insurance plan would help people get the care they need.

He said the president wants everyone to get "care," adding that what people want is care. He said when people get sick, they want to be able to go to a doctor, adding that that is the problem the GOP plan is fixing.