Kasich: 'When you jam something through just one party over another, it's not sustainable'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Sunday argued Republicans and Democrats need to work together to create a successful healthcare plan.

"It's not sustainable. If you don't get both parties together, nothing is sustainable," Kasich said on NBC's "Meet The Press."

"When you jam something through just one party over another, it's not sustainable. It becomes a point of attack."


The Ohio governor, who said the GOP healthcare bill will likely pass the House, is hoping for improvements when it gets to the Senate.

"That's where I hope Democrats will come in and work with Republicans to bring about the improvements so we can reform the system yet still not cut off these people that need this help," he said.

Democrats need to be involved so improvements are both "significant" and "will last," he said.

Kasich, who dropped his Republican presidential bid last year, also said he thinks President Trump is "very open to compromise."

"I think the president, by the way, would be flexible," Kasich added. "He just wants to get something through."

The Ohio governor said he thinks political parties are "disintegrating before our very eyes."

"I think more and more people across this country see no purpose for political parties," he said.

"You talk to people, there are more and more independents because of the squabbling. What's at risk here, to Democrats, is you can't turn your backs on these people. And the Republicans, you need to invite Democrats in, because we're talking about lives."

Kasich said "life is short."

"And if all you focus on in life is what's in it for me, you're a loser," he said. "And this country better be careful we're not losing the soul of our country because we play politics and we forget people who are in need."