Poll: Public opposes GOP ObamaCare defunding effort

The public is overwhelmingly against a Republican threat to shut down the government in an effort to defund President Obama’s signature healthcare law, according to a CNBC poll released on Monday. 

The survey found that the public is against the effort to defund ObamaCare in general, with 44 percent saying they oppose it compared to 38 percent who say they are in favor.

Opposition spikes, however, when the defunding effort is tied to a government shutdown, with 59 percent saying they oppose the effort against 19 percent who say they’re in favor.

The House passed a resolution last week to fund the government that withholds funding for ObamaCare. The provision to defund the law will likely get stripped from the Senate version of the bill, leaving Republican leaders in the House with the decision to either fund the law, or to fund nothing and force a shutdown.

The CNBC poll of 800 people was conducted between Monday and Thursday of last week and has a 3.4 percentage point margin of error.