SEIU promoting ObamaCare to Hispanic workers


The doctors deliver an upbeat message encouraging the uninsured to sign up for the marketplaces, where they might be eligible for federal discounts. 

"Although the healthcare law’s inevitable now, not everybody knows about it,” one doctor, Say Salomon, said in a statement.

"People aren’t yet clear on the basics — they think it’s a government program and don’t realize that the marketplaces are run with private insurers."

The video, which was filmed in both Spanish and English, comes as part of a larger effort by the Obama administration and its allies to reach the Hispanic community over the next six months.

The White House touted a long list of Hispanic community organizations that will participate in the campaign, including Voto Latino and the National Council of La Raza.

The efforts will culminate in a National Week of Action from Oct. 21 to 28, officials said.

Polls indicate that Hispanics are among the greatest backers of ObamaCare.

Opponents of the law argue that it would cause employers to slash hours, particularly in the wholesale and retail industries, and raise insurance prices for young people.