Poll: Public support for ObamaCare edges up


According to the survey, 46 percent of respondents say they support the law, against 49 percent who oppose it. That’s up from last month, when 42 percent said they supported it and 52 percent said they opposed. The law has never reached 50 percent support since Washington Post-ABC News began asking the question.

The poll indicates that Republicans are still suffering politically from the government shutdown. Public opinion surveys conducted this month show the GOP has been battered for provoking the shutdown over ObamaCare, and the Washington Post-ABC News survey is the latest to show support for the law rising despite the myriad issues that have plagued the rollout.

In addition, Monday’s poll shows that only 33 percent favor repealing the law, while 20 percent of those who oppose it would like to “let the health care law go ahead and see how it works.”

Still, the uptick in support could be short-lived. A strong majority, 55 percent, said the initial problems with the website are likely indicative of larger issues that have yet to surface. Only 40 percent said they believe the technical issues to be isolated incidents.

And 53 percent said they disapprove of the job the president has done in implementing the law, against 41 percent who said they approve.

Speaking at the White House on Monday, Obama acknowledged some of the website issues, and said “no one is madder” than he is that it “isn’t working as it should.” The administration has brought in experts for what it describes as a “tech surge” to fix the problems.

The Washington Post-ABC News survey of 1,002 adults was conducted between Oct. 17 and Oct. 20 and has a 3.5-percentage point margin of error.