Poll: ObamaCare approval ticking up

Public support for the healthcare law ticked up slightly in a Gallup poll released Wednesday, the second survey in a week to record the trend. 

Gallup found 45 percent of the public approve of the law, a 4-percentage-point gain since it last recorded the number in August. A majority, 50 percent, continues to disapprove of the law. 


The increase comes as Democrats have rallied around the law in the wake of the budget battle aimed at repealing or delaying parts of ObamaCare and while the Obama administration has attempted to tamp down negative reaction to the healthcare website’s glitch-ridden rollout. 

Eighty-three percent of Democrats approve of the law — a 12-point gain since August. 

Approval among independents has ticked up 5 points as well. Thirty-nine percent of independents approve of the law, while 53 percent disapprove.  

Republicans' opposition to the law has changed little since August, as 86 percent of the GOP disapprove, while 11 percent approve. 

Gallup notes that Republican opposition to the law was already so high that problems facing the healthcare.gov website, the main access point to purchase insurance through the exchanges, have not taken a significant toll on the law’s polling numbers. 

A Washington Post/ABC News poll released Monday also found 46 percent of people support the law, up 4 percent since a similar poll in September, while 49 percent oppose the law. 

That poll found that 10 percent of people who oppose the law do so because it does not go far enough. The Gallup poll did not ask for the distinction. 

The Gallup poll surveyed 1,528 people and contains a 3-percent margin of error.