House GOP to get briefed on ObamaCare website


“A short time ago, HHS responded to our request for a House Republican briefing on, like the one House Democrats were afforded this morning,” Brendan Buck said in a statement. “The department indicated it will provide the briefing, and we are working out details.”

Buck said the time and the date of the briefing have not been set.

On Wednesday, Democratic lawmakers were briefed by Gary Cohen, a main figure in ObamaCare's implementation at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

“It’s not clear why Republicans were excluded in the first place, but we look forward to getting answers to how the administration botched this enormous use of taxpayer dollars so badly,” Buck continued.

On Tuesday, House Republicans demanded a briefing on the ObamaCare rollout after news broke that CMS would be giving a presentation to House Democrats.

Democrats left their briefing on Wednesday downplaying the significance of the technical issues plaguing the site. Members said there was no discussion about potentially delaying the individual mandate, something Republicans were calling for even before problems with the website surfaced.