Week ahead: CBO score of Republican healthcare bill comes Wednesday

Week ahead: CBO score of Republican healthcare bill comes Wednesday
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The long-awaited analysis of the House GOP's healthcare bill will be released Wednesday, about two weeks after they voted on the legislation. 

The analysis from the Congressional Budget Office, called a "score," will give an idea of how the American Health Care Act would impact the deficit and how many people could lose coverage if it were passed. 

Previous versions of the bill have been scored, but House Republicans made substantial changes to the legislation since then. Those changes would allow states to waive out of two key ObamaCare requirements, essential health mandates on what services insurers must cover and community rating, which prevents higher premiums for those with preexisting conditions.

And once the Senate has the CBO score, they'll be able to do more substantive work on their healthcare plan. 


However, GOP senators have already made it clear that some portions of the House plan will be changed or stripped out. 

One thing that will likely change: the design of the subsidies to help people buy insurance. 

Many GOP senators are concerned the current House structure could hurt low-income and older Americans and are working on changes to address that. 

Another potential issue: abortion language in the House bill may get stripped out in the Senate for not following procedural rules. 

Other centrist senators are hoping to find a bipartisan way forward on healthcare reform. 

Meanwhile, insurers could find clarity Monday about whether the Trump administration will fund key ObamaCare subsidies known as cost-sharing reductions.

House Republicans sued the Obama administration over the payments, arguing they are being made unconstitutionally without an appropriation. 

The Trump administration will have to give an update on whether it will drop its appeal in a House lawsuit against the payments, seek a further delay or ask for other action. 

Insurers have warned that if they're not, they will have to raise premiums or drop out of the markets. 


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