Trump: ‘Democrats are really in our way’ on healthcare

President Trump on Wednesday blamed Democrats for the slow speed of congressional efforts to repeal ObamaCare.

Speaking in Cincinnati, where he was flanked by two families who saw massive premium increases as a result of the healthcare law, Trump praised the House-passed ObamaCare repeal bill and charged that Democrats are the reason the process is taking so long.

"We're having no help; it's only obstruction from the Democrats. The Democrats are destroying health care in this country,” Trump said.


House Republicans narrowly passed the American Healthcare Act in early May, after an earlier effort failed. An analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found 23 million people would lose insurance under the bill, prompting many Senate Republicans to back away from the House plan. 

The Senate is now working on its own version of the bill, but the GOP has been bogged down by intraparty disagreements over Medicaid, taxes and other key issues.

Republican leaders haven’t introduced legislative text, but are urging a swift vote, possibly before the July Fourth recess.

They have openly admitted they don’t expect any Democratic help as they work to repeal one of President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaKrystal Ball tears into 'Never Trump' Republicans Sanders campaign announces it contacted over 1 million Iowa voters Iowa Steak Fry to draw record crowds for Democrats MORE’s signature legislative accomplishments, which is why they are using the budget reconciliation process that only requires a simple majority to pass a bill.

Still, Trump insisted Wednesday the Democrats were at fault. 

“If we gave you the greatest health plan in the world we would get no votes,” Trump said “The Democrats are really in our way.”

He also touched on the news that insurer Anthem is leaving most of the ObamaCare markets in Ohio. The departure leaves about 20 counties in the state without an insurer willing to sell a health plan in its exchange for 2018.

“If trends continue, they’ll have no plans in Kentucky in 2018,” Trump said.

To rescue people from ObamaCare, he promised, “We will do something great, and we’re in the process of doing it.”

Anthem cited uncertainty as a reason it’s exiting the exchanges in all of the state’s counties, particularly on the question of whether the Trump administration will continue payments to insurers that compensate them for reducing out-of-pocket costs for lower-income enrollees.