Trump: Dems 'gave up' on fixing ObamaCare

Trump: Dems 'gave up' on fixing ObamaCare
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President Trump on Tuesday accused Democrats of giving up on trying to fix ObamaCare.

"2 million more people just dropped out of ObamaCare," Trump tweeted.

"It is in a death spiral. Obstructionist Democrats gave up, have no answer = resist!"


The Trump administration said Monday the number of customers paying for ObamaCare plans in February was nearly 2 million fewer than the number who signed up for the plan, CNBC reported.

Trump and Vice President Pence are set to meet Tuesday with 13 GOP senators to discuss the status of ObamaCare repeal efforts in the upper chamber.

The Senate is crafting a Republican healthcare bill to repeal and replace some parts of ObamaCare, though no text has been released.

Senators have said they will create their own plan rather than move on to the House-passed measure.

Leaders have said they hope to have a Senate vote by the August recess.