Trump: Democrats 'purposely misstated' Medicaid cuts

Trump: Democrats 'purposely misstated' Medicaid cuts
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President Trump argued in a tweet Wednesday that Democrats are misrepresenting Medicaid cuts in the Senate's ObamaCare replacement bill.

While Medicaid spending would still go up every year under the bill, a new cap put in place by the legislation would mean that Medicaid spending would not rise as fast as medical costs. States would therefore either have to find more money in their own state budgets to put into the program or cut back on enrollment or services.


The Congressional Budget Office finds that the bill would cut Medicaid spending by $772 billion over a decade.

That reduction comes from both the new cap on overall Medicaid spending and reduced federal payments for ObamaCare's expansion of Medicaid.

The CBO projects that the spending reductions would result in 15 million fewer people enrolled in Medicaid over a decade. 

Trump pledged during his campaign that he would not cut Medicaid. Democrats accuse him of going back on that pledge. 

Republicans say they are slowing the growth in Medicaid spending with their healthcare legislation, but note that it is still going up every year.