House Republican to oppose healthcare bill without New York provision

House Republican to oppose healthcare bill without New York provision
© Greg Nash

A House Republican from New York said Monday that he would vote against the Senate’s ObamaCare replacement legislation unless it included a Medicaid provision for his state.

“I stand firmly with the people of New York and will oppose the present Senate health care bill if the bill does not include the provision to shift the Medicaid burden from the taxpayers and local governments back to the state, where it belongs,” Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) said in the statement. “We cannot waste this opportunity to right this wrong, nor continue to ignore the needs of our hard working neighbors and friends of New York.”

Reed is a major backer of the provision, which seeks to prevent counties in New York from having to shoulder some of the cost of Medicaid.


Proponents of the provision say it could lead to lower property taxes. Opponents counter the provision would just shift Medicaid costs to the state.

However, the Senate parliamentarian has ruled that the provision violates Senate rules governing the fast-track procedure Republicans are using to avoid a filibuster.

That has put the provision, which Democrats deride as the “Buffalo bailout,” in doubt.

Even if the bill passes the Senate, Reed’s comments show that there are also problems if the revised measure heads back to the House. The House bill passed on a narrow margin of 217-213.