Kasich: GOP needs to admit that some people 'need help'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) offered advice on how the GOP can better deal with healthcare on Sunday, saying Republicans need to be more ideologically flexible.

"Republicans are going to have to admit that there's going to be a group of people out there who are going to need help," Kasich told CBS News's John Dickerson on "Face the Nation." 


"These are some philosophical differences between the parties. But if you have a good spirit and you understand that the system is beginning to melt down on the exchange side, jeopardizing healthcare for many, many Americans, I'm hopeful we can get there," he continued. 

Kasich, who appeared on the show with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) to debate healthcare, has been a vocal critic of recent Republican plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare. 

Kasich and Hickenlooper teamed up in June with a bipartisan cohort of governors to pen a letter criticizing the House's repeal-and-replace bill. 

Many of those same governors went on to voice concerns about the Senate repeal-and-replace plan. 

The GOP is grappling with its failure to fulfill a seven-year campaign promise of repealing and replacing former President Obama's signature healthcare plan. 

Three Republicans and all 48 Democrats and Independents in the Senate put an end to the Republicans' repeal bill last month. 

President Trump has urged Senate Republicans to bring back repeal-and-replace efforts, though Republicans in the upper chamber appear more willing to move on to other big-ticket items.