Freedom Caucus seeks to force ObamaCare repeal vote

Freedom Caucus seeks to force ObamaCare repeal vote
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The conservative House Freedom Caucus on Friday is planning a move to try and force a vote on an ObamaCare repeal bill.

A spokeswoman for the group said members plan to file a "discharge petition," which would force a vote on a repeal bill if it gets signatures from a majority of the House.

The move is typically used to go around leadership to try to bring up a measure to the floor for a vote.

The plan comes as the Freedom Caucus, and some other Republicans, are pushing to keep the repeal effort alive, despite the Senate's failed vote last month.


The group is seeking a vote on a repeal-only measure that passed in 2015. Conservatives argue that Republicans are being hypocritical if they vote against that bill now since they already voted for it two years ago.

But it is in serious doubt whether it could pass. Many Republicans say they want to have replacement measures in place at the same time to prevent people from losing coverage.

The Senate voted down a repeal-only measure last month.

The move could get backing from the White House, though, which has been pushing for Republicans in Congress not to give up on repeal.