Trump predicts health-care reform will pass in ‘a few months’

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President Trump in a new interview scheduled to air Thursday insisted that Republicans have the votes to repeal ObamaCare and will pass health care reform in “a few months.”

“So we’ll bring it into a few months from now. We’ll vote it — it’s block grants. It’s going to be great health care,’ Trump told “Fox & Friends.”

“But in the meantime, I have that little period of time, I’ll negotiate with the Democrats. If we can come up with a fantastic health care bill, that’s OK with me. Good for both parties. Bipartisan,” he said.

{mosads}Trump has maintained that the GOP has enough votes to pass new health-care legislation, despite repeated failed attempts in the upper chamber.

“So we’ll have to do it in January or February. But I feel we have the votes. I’m almost certain we have the votes,” Trump said Wednesday during a speech on tax reform in Indianapolis.

The most recent attempt by Senate Republicans to pass ObamaCare repeal and replace legislation came in the form of a bill that has become known as “Graham-Cassidy,” and is named for its co-authors, Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.). 

The legislation, which would have repealed much of ObamaCare by converting Medicaid funds into block grants for states, was a last-ditch effort by the GOP to keep a key legislative promise. It ultimately failed Tuesday when lawmakers decided not to bring the bill up for a vote because it did not have the votes to pass with partisan support.

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