Wisconsin's Republican governor looks to shore up ObamaCare market

Wisconsin's Republican governor looks to shore up ObamaCare market
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is looking to stabilize the state's ObamaCare marketplace after Republicans failed to repeal and replace the law last year. 

“Their failure to act on this issue is yet another call for us to step up and lead,” Walker told the Wisconsin State Journal.

“I wanted to get premiums for that individual market more compatible with where the group insurance premiums are.”


Walker said he will seek federal permission to set up a reinsurance program, which provides payments to plans that cover higher-cost enrollees in an effort to lower premiums for everyone else. 

Walker also said he will ask state lawmakers to codify in state law protections for people with pre-existing conditions. 

The proposed reinsurance program, to start in 2019 if approved by the Trump administration, would pay 80 percent of claims between $50,000 and $250,000.

The program would cost about $200 million a year, according to the newspaper, with $150 million coming from the federal government. 
Lawmakers in Congress are also working to pass legislation to shore up ObamaCare. 
The two senators are hoping the bills get added to an upcoming long-term spending deal.