Survey: 1 in 5 know someone who has been addicted to opioids

Survey: 1 in 5 know someone who has been addicted to opioids
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One in 5 Americans personally know someone who has been addicted to opioids, according to a survey released by the Federal Reserve Tuesday. 

Exposure to opioid addiction was more common among whites, at all education levels, than minorities, the survey found. 

These results were part of the Federal Reserve's annual report on the economic well-being of U.S. households. 


To understand how the opioid crisis relates to economic well-being, the survey asked questions related to opioids for the first time, the report said. 

It found that white adults were twice as likely to be personally exposed to opioid addiction as black or Hispanic adults. 

In trying to test whether a decline in economic opportunities drove the opioid crisis, participants were asked about their exposure to the epidemic and their assessments of local and national economic conditions. 

"Adults who have been personally exposed to the opioid epidemic have somewhat less favorable assessments of economic conditions than those who have not been exposed," the authors of the study write. 

"However, local unemployment rates are similar in the neighborhoods where those exposed to opioids live and where those not exposed live." 

More than half of adults exposed to opioid addiction say that their local economy is good or excellent, the study says. 

"Altogether, this analysis suggests the need to look beyond economic conditions to understand the roots of the current opioid epidemic," the authors write.