Yale University installing emergency contraception vending machine: reports

Yale University is installing a vending machine that sells emergency contraception including the "morning-after pill," or Plan B, along with other over-the-counter medications and items aimed at improving sexual health, the university's newspaper, the Yale Daily News, reported

The college will reportedly launch the vending machine before winter break. The Plan B will be sold for $49.99, a price comparable to the contraceptive's cost at local pharmacies, Yale College Council representative Ileana Valdez told the newspaper. 


“There will definitely be Plan B in there and there will definitely some sort of other over the counter medications and there will definitely be condoms available near the machine,” Valdez told NBC Connecticut

“I proposed this vending machine because I saw it done at other universities and hoped it would solve the problems of access and stigma related to getting emergency contraception at Yale,” Yale student Grace Cheung wrote in an email to the local NBC affiliate. “It is often difficult to get, both at Yale Health, and at nearby pharmacies, and it is often a very uncomfortable and humiliating process." 

The morning-after pill is available to students through Yale's health-care center, but the vending machine is intended to make the process of obtaining it easier and more accessible for students, Valdez said.

Stanford University, Pomona College, Brandeis University and two of the University of California system schools have installed emergency contraception vending machines in the past few years.

Yale's vending machine will be available 24/7, which “gets rid of the fear that one might have going to the health center and having to talk someone especially if this is something that’s happening late at night," Valdez told NBC.