CDC reports 60 new measles cases in the past week

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There have been 60 new cases of measles reported in the U.S. in the past week, with much of the increase coming from New York, according to federal officials.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are at least 764 cases of measles in the country, more than double the total number of cases from last year, and the numbers continue to climb.

{mosads}Less than two weeks ago, the country broke the record of 667 cases reported in 2014, the most confirmed since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000. The new numbers mean that a little over four months into the year, there have been almost 100 more cases than there were in all of 2014.

Cases have been reported in 23 states, with Pennsylvania being the newest addition. Of the 60 new individual cases, 52 were reported in New York, where two large outbreaks are occurring in Rockland County and in New York City.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has imposed an emergency order that will fine people in four ZIP codes in Brooklyn $1,000 if they are not vaccinated.

The vast majority of the cases involve children who have not been vaccinated, CDC officials have said.

Measles was declared eliminated in 2000, but this year’s outbreaks have been worsened by anti-vaccine groups that spread misinformation among vulnerable groups.

A vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella can largely prevent someone from catching the measles virus, but there is no cure. Officials have warned that the longer the outbreaks continue, the greater the chance measles will again get a sustained foothold in the country.

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