First coronavirus cases reported in Iran

First coronavirus cases reported in Iran
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Two cases of a new form of coronavirus have been confirmed in Iran, marking the first time the deadly virus has been reported inside the country.

Iranian news agency ISNA first reported the two cases of the disease, adding that other suspected cases are under review, according to The Associated Press.

“Since last two days, some suspected cases of the new coronavirus were found," said health minister Kiyanoush Jahanpour, the AP noted. 


More than 75,000 people around the world have contracted the disease, officials said, while deaths in China, where the virus originated, passed 2,000. The virus is thought to have first spread in a seafood and live animal market in the city of Wuhan, which has since been shuttered by authorities.

Iranian officials have reportedly implemented restrictions on incoming flights in response to the outbreak. 

A handful of cases have been reported in the U.S. so far.

One case was reported in Egypt this week as well, the first on the African continent. Officials say the patient is a foreign national who reported symptoms after arriving in Egypt. 

The disease presents with a sometimes-deadly form of pneumonia.