12 things to know today about coronavirus

Welcome to The Hill's daily roundup of coronavirus news. 

There are 5,894 known cases in the U.S., including 97 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

The Trump administration wants to send checks to every American in an effort to try to blunt the worst of the economic impact from the coronavirus outbreak — but that might run into problems with Senate Republicans, who are frustrated that they were largely left out of the negotiations on the most recent House-passed bill. 


Meanwhile, frontline health workers are running out of protective supplies, and states say they are not getting the help they need from the federal government. The Pentagon says it's willing to help, but it will only be a temporary solution. 

Here's what you need to know today...


From the White House and Capitol Hill: 



From the frontlines:  


From the cities and states: 


From Wall Street: 

  • Stock markets rebounded Tuesday after one of their worst drops in history a day earlier, as President Trump and Congress and Congress advanced economic stimulus plans and the Federal Reserve took actions to shore up the financial system in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The Hill’s Niv Elis has the full story here


From beyond the U.S.: 

  • The European Union agreed to close external borders to most travelers for at least 30 days to ward off the advancement of the coronavirus. Britain is not participating in the travel ban. Read more from Kaelan Deese