12 things to know today about coronavirus

12 things to know today about coronavirus
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Welcome to The Hill's daily roundup of coronavirus news.

Nearly 1.7 million Americans have been infected with COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University data. More than 98,700 people have died.

States are moving ahead with lifting even more coronavirus-related restrictions even as the number of cases rise. Locally, Northern Virginia counties and Washington, D.C., are both on track to lift their stay-at-home orders by this weekend.


But the numbers show a troubling story. Maryland and West Virginia showed week-over-week case increases, and Virginia has lagged far behind in testing capacity. Maryland and Virginia have lifted restrictions in the past week, while West Virginia last week pushed ahead with the most aggressive step of the state's reopening strategy, allowing indoor restaurants, malls, tanning salons and other businesses. Those three states, plus Washington, D.C., and Delaware account for just 3 percent of the population, but 6.6 percent of the new cases.

Here are 12 things for you to know today.


From the administration:



In Congress:


In the states:



  • Another potential vaccine in the mix: Merck is partnering with research nonprofit IAVI to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with clinical trials beginning by the end of this year, the partners announced. Rebecca Klar reports.
  • The majority of doctors and nurses who contracted mild cases of COVID-19 while working at the front lines of the pandemic developed antibodies to ward off the disease, a new French study shows. Marty Johnson reports.

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