Zoloft shortages reported amid increased demand, strained supply lines

Zoloft shortages reported amid increased demand, strained supply lines
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The Food and Drug Administration is reporting shortages of Zoloft and the generic version of the antidepressant as demand soars and supply chains for key ingredients are interrupted by the pandemic. 

Pfizer, the maker of Zoloft, told the FDA it has a limited supply available of the 100-count bottles of 100-milligram pills due to a “demand increase” for the drug. Some other doses of Zoloft are still available. 

However, other drug manufacturers are also reporting shortages of sertraline, the generic version of Zoloft, in several doses due to shortages of a key ingredient caused by COVID-19 and higher demand. 


Supply chains for drug ingredients have become strained, especially in China, which was hit hard by the virus. China makes about two-thirds of the ingredients for generic drugs used in the U.S. 

The news was first reported by Bloomberg

Zoloft is commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses. 

Experts and advocates say there has been a surge in demand for mental health treatment and services during the pandemic as people stay at home and practice social distancing. Isolation is a risk factor for poor mental health.