Koch-backed ad campaign urges Congress to make coronavirus changes permanent

The political arm for the network of groups led by Charles Koch is putting six-figures behind a new digital campaign ad urging Congress to enshrine into law some of the changes to the health care system that have allowed for greater flexibility for medical professionals during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new ad from Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which will run on Facebook for the rest of the month, features Dr. Camille Honesty, an internal medicine specialist from Kansas City who praised the looser restrictions on medical care that she says were a necessity during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 caught America off guard. To confront this crisis, health care had to change, and it did,” Honesty says in the ad.


“Medical researchers are now allowed to make new and better tests. Families are allowed to see a doctor from the safety of their home and patients are allowed to access more life-saving treatments. All of this because we eased bureaucracy and trusted our medical professionals to do what only they can do. These reforms are saving lives but they’re only temporary. Washington needs to make them permanent, so we’re not caught off guard again.”

AFP is asking for Congress to allow for increased access to telehealth by easing occupational licensing restrictions. They want so see permanent changes at the Food and Drug Administration that allow for more rapid testing, treatment and prevention of disease.

In addition, AFP is urging lawmakers to make it easier for patients to receive experimental and early phase treatments that have proven to be safe. And they’re promoting a commission to analyze restrictions within the health system they believe have hampered the response to the coronavirus.

The ad is part of a multimillion-dollar advertising and lobbying campaign to promote changes to the health care system they believe will provide greater flexibility for doctors and patients.

“Because policymakers have temporarily waived many of the detrimental restrictions preventing those most in need from getting care, innovators have rapidly developed testing options, telehealth allowed patients to see doctors from the safety of their homes, and patients have been able to access potentially life-saving treatments,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “It is crucial for Congress to recognize that these reforms have worked and make them permanent so we are better prepared for the next crisis.”