Potential coronavirus vaccine from Novavax shows positive early signs

Potential coronavirus vaccine from Novavax shows positive early signs
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A potential coronavirus vaccine from the company Novavax showed promising signs in an early trial, provoking an immune response, according to results unveiled Tuesday. 

Novavax, one of several firms working on a coronavirus vaccine with financial support from the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed, said its testing has produced "robust antibody responses," with higher levels of antibodies in people who received the vaccine than in people who had recovered from coronavirus. 

All participants in the trial who received the potential vaccine produced antibodies, the company said. 


Still, the results are from the earliest, smallest human trial for a potential vaccine, known as phase one, and larger trials are still needed. 

The results are the latest positive early signs on COVID-19 inoculation efforts, with other candidates from Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer also having shown promising early results. 

Those potential vaccines are further along in the process, having already started phase three trials. 

Novavax also said the potential vaccine was "well-tolerated and had a reassuring safety profile." Some participants reported mild side effects such as headache and fatigue.