World's largest single-day jump in coronavirus cases recorded in India

World's largest single-day jump in coronavirus cases recorded in India
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India recorded its highest single-day total of new coronavirus cases Sunday with 78,761 new cases.

The new total gives the country more than 3.5 million new cases. The nation, which has reported more than 75,000 new infectious four days in a row, has the fastest-growing daily caseload of any country, according to The Associated Press.

The country has dramatically increased testing, conducting nearly 1 million per day. A few months ago, it was conducting only 200,000 per day, according to the AP. The country also reports a recovery rate of nearly 77 percent.


India has credited a policy of “testing aggressively, tracking comprehensively and treating efficiently” in hospitals and monitored quarantines. However, the nation has reported approximately 1,000 deaths from the virus per day with more than 63,000 deaths thus far. The country is nearing the third-highest death toll worldwide, after the U.S. and Brazil.

In the meantime, however, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pushed for normal life to resume in the nation. India’s federal government announced the New Delhi subway will begin the reopening process Sept. 7, although schools, universities and movie theaters will remain closed until the end of the month, according to the AP.

Eight of India’s states have been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic, comprising nearly 73 percent of all infections. The newest surge has been predominantly driven by the state of Maharashtra, the western state where Mumbai is located. More than 24,000 deaths and about one in five of all cases originated in the state, according to the AP.