Largest Indiana hospital system requiring COVID-19 vaccines for employees

Largest Indiana hospital system requiring COVID-19 vaccines for employees
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The largest hospital system in Indiana will be requiring its employees to get the coronavirus vaccine, a decision affecting over 30,000 employees.

All doctors, nurses, billing clerks, therapists and other employees for Indiana University Health will be required to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 1, the Tuesday announcement states, The Associated Press reported.

There will be exceptions for medical and religious reasons that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


In the announcement, the hospital system touted the effectiveness of the vaccine and the ways it helped reduce the spread of the virus, according to the AP.

The statement added that the hospital system has required the yearly flu vaccine since 2012. 

Anyone who doesn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine will reportedly be fired. Eight employees were previously fired for refusing to get the flu vaccine, the Indianapolis Business Journal reported.

This policy is a change from a few weeks ago when Indiana University Health said they would only recommend and not require the vaccine.

Many companies are incentivizing vaccinations with bonus pay or time off for employees who get the vaccine, but few are requiring the vaccine for work. 

Over 100 employees at Houston Methodist Hospital are suing their place of work due to its requirement for the COVID-19 vaccine.