Hospital worker fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine: 'Don't take away my choice'

A hospital worker who was fired for refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine said the hospital was trying to "take away my choice."

LaTricia Blank is one of over 100 workers who resigned or got fired from Houston Methodist hospital system after it was the first hospital to announce a mandate on their employees to get the vaccine.

"I'm relieved," Blank told CNN."I don't want to work for people like that. Don't take away my choice. You're not going to turn away a patient and give them care if they don't have a vaccine. Don't take away my choice."


Blank said she is uncomfortable with how quickly the coronavirus vaccines were made and "it was a very hard decision” to not get it, according to CNN.

She said she has heard about too many negative side effects from the millions who have already been vaccinated, although the severe side effects are very rare and health officials say the benefits outweigh the risk.

She became more skeptical of the vaccine because the hospital offered a bonus for employees who got it.

"I don't understand, if this is really supposed to be good for us, why are you having to offer us anything?" Blank said.

There have been 153 workers who have resigned or quit from the hospital as of Tuesday due to the policy.

Employees who were against getting the vaccine did sue the hospital, but a judge ruled in favor of the policy on June 12. The employees are currently appealing that decision. 

Millions of coronavirus vaccine doses had been administered in the U.S. and have allowed the country to reopen most businesses.