Two patients die within 15 minutes of TV crew's arrival to film inside look at COVID-19 unit

A CBS affiliate crew in Georgia saw two patients die within 15 minutes of the group arriving to a COVID-19 unit on Monday, CBS 46 reported.

It was the first time in 2021 that a CBS46 crew went inside a North Georgia COVID-19 unit as it sought to tell the story of rising infections in the region.
As of Wednesday, Northeast Georgia Health System's hospitals have 302 total confirmed COVID-19 positive patients. In the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville alone, where the local affiliate visited, there are 184 COVID-19 positive patients.

The local affiliate reported that while visiting Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, health officials had to start getting creative with where to keep patients as medical staff saw an increase in the number of patients coming in.

"We’ve identified staff to make sure they are seeing patients on the back of ambulance trucks, so they don’t have to wait. Our goal is to make sure patients are seen timely and this is the best way we can do that, because we have physically ran out of space in our emergency department,” one nurse told CBS46.


Vice President for Northeast Georgia Health System and incident commander John Delzell told The Hill that the recent spike in Georgia has mostly been among those who are unvaccinated. Delzell also mentioned that they're seeing a lot more younger patients with COVID-19 this time around.

Delzell believes that this current wave will peak in the next few weeks.

“Well I think what the model that we've been using and it's really been pretty accurate for Georgia and, and for our region in northeast Georgia, is predicting that this peak should go on, or the surge should go on, until it peaks around the 14th of September,” Delzell said.

“So we're feeling like it's probably still a couple more weeks of rise. And then ... it will hang around for another six weeks after that, as it goes back down," he continued. "So we know that, you know, for most of September and on into the middle of October we're going to be dealing with large numbers of patients in our hospital."

Georgia overall is experiencing a higher wave of COVID-19 cases, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The state saw more than 10,000 cases Tuesday and roughly 7,700 new cases Monday.

CDC data indicates that 61 percent of people aged 12 years and older in the state have had at least one vaccine dose while 49 percent are fully vaccinated.