Apple Wallet now allows users to add COVID-19 vaccine card

Apple now allows users to add their COVID-19 vaccine card to the Wallet app to easily access their proof of inoculation.

The new update came after Apple announced last month that it would soon roll out an iOS update to allow users to download and store verifiable health records to the Wallet app, including COVID-19 vaccination records.

According to USA Today, the feature went live on Monday through Apple’s iOS 15.1. update.

Once vaccine cards are added to the Wallet app, they can be viewed and presented at any time, according to a statement from Apple. The front of the card features the user’s name, the type of vaccine they received, the dates the doses were administered, the issuer and a QR code.

The full details of the card, however, are not accessible until the device is unlocked through face ID, touch ID or a passcode.

Additionally, vaccine cards cannot be shared with other iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple Watch users, according to the company.

The vaccine cards can be uploaded to the app through a QR code from a COVID-19 vaccination or test provider, through a downloadable file with verified health records from a provider, or from an existing verifiable vaccination record in the Health app, according to the company.

Apple also announced that with the iOS 15 update, users can store verifiable versions of their COVID-19 vaccine and test result records in the company’s Health app on iPhones and iPod Touches.

The vaccine and test result records are downloaded in a verifiable format and digitally signed by the provider of the vaccine or test, according to the company.

Apple said the software “is similar to providing paper documents with an official seal.”


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