Sally Yates reveals breast cancer battle

Sally Yates reveals breast cancer battle
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Former Deputy Attorney General Sally YatesSally Caroline YatesFormer Chicago Red Stars players accuse ex-coach of verbal, emotional abuse An unquestioning press promotes Rep. Adam Schiff's book based on Russia fiction Sally Yates reveals breast cancer battle MORE revealed that she is battling breast cancer in an op-ed for CBS News on Thursday.

Yates said she found out in 2020 she had invasive papillary cancer, a rare form of breast cancer. She said the cancer was found early and was not growing quickly, adding that after “a double mastectomy, my prognosis is excellent.”

Yates highlighted the importance of women undergoing yearly mammograms and the health disparities that occurred during the pandemic. 


“Each year, approximately 280,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of those women are not as fortunate as I was. I had access to top-notch medical care and paid sick leave — benefits that, for many, are absolute necessities during a health crisis,” Yates said. 

“The pandemic has significantly magnified shameful health disparities. People with unstable or low income, and particularly people of color, suffer worse survival rates for cancer as well as COVID-19,” she added.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a severe drop in cancer screenings, due to pandemic restrictions and overcrowded hospitals, impacted the ability of millions of people to discover cancer early. 

Yates' diagnosis was discovered during her yearly mammogram last year. 

“Whether one can access early detection methods and treatment — essentially, whether one lives or dies — shouldn't depend on one's race, ethnicity, zip code or bank account,” Yates said. 

“I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life. But, whether you have a public platform or a small circle of friends, the cancer stakes are too high for the luxury of privacy,” she added. 

Yates will appear on “CBS Evening News” with Norah O'Donnell on Thursday to further discuss her battle with breast cancer.