Virginia gov: ObamaCare repeal bill 'puts people's lives in jeopardy'

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) says the GOP's ObamaCare replacement bill will directly cause people to die if it becomes law.

“Well, people are going to lose their lives. People are going to lose their health coverage,” McAuliffe said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“It’s just fiscally and morally irresponsible what they have done up there. This has done such a disservice to their citizens.”


House Republicans on Thursday passed the American Health Care Act, a bill that would repeal much of ObamaCare. Shortly after the narrow 217-213 vote, the GOP conference celebrated with beer and cigars and went to the White House Rose Garden for victory speeches.

“And these people think it’s a party? They think this is something fun? There is nothing fun about it," McAuliffe said of the celebrations.

President Trump celebrated the bill’s passage with House Republicans at the Rose Garden.

“Yes, premiums will be coming down,” Trump said. “Yes, deductibles will be coming down. But very importantly, it’s a great plan, and ultimately that’s what it’s all about.”

The president added that he is “so confident” it will clear the Senate as well.