CVS will no longer donate to pro-Trump 'dark money' group

CVS will no longer donate to pro-Trump 'dark money' group
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CVS Health says it will no longer make donations to a pro-Trump “dark money” group that’s come under fire for racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-Muslim sentiments reportedly expressed by group officials.

CVS had donated $500,000 to the group America First Policies, a nonprofit group that works to promote Trump’s agenda, watchdog organization Maplight reported Thursday.

CNN reporter earlier this year that America First Policies' advocacy director, Carl Higbee, made racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-gay remarks on the radio and online.

CVS has benefited from some Trump administration actions, including saving $1.2 billion this year as a result of the GOP tax law, and is negotiating with the Justice Department to get approval for its $69 billion merger with insurance giant Aetna.

“CVS Health has firm nondiscrimination policies and is deeply committed to embracing diversity and treating all people with respect. Comments made by employees of America First Policies that were reported after we made our contributions are unacceptable to us. We have zero tolerance for discriminatory actions or behaviors, and as such we will not be making contributions to this organization in the future,” a spokeswoman said.

The company said its contributions to America First Policies were made in 2017 specifically to support advocacy for the tax bill.

“CVS Health supported this legislation and used the tax savings it created to invest in the growth and success of our employees, including increasing the starting wage for hourly employees and creating a new paid parental leave program for all full-time employees,” the spokeswoman said.