Russian woman escapes coronavirus quarantine in hospital

Russian woman escapes coronavirus quarantine in hospital
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A Russian woman escaped a hospital in St. Petersburg where she was being quarantined and is now facing a lawsuit filed by health authorities for endangering the public.

She had returned from China earlier this month and was being examined at the Botkin Hospital for Infectious Diseases, according to a CNN report that cited state news agency TASS.

She escaped from the hospital by short-circuiting the electronic lock on the door to her ward, according to a statement from St. Petersburg's chief sanitary physician on Thursday.


Her escape led the St. Petersburg chief sanitary physician to file a lawsuit with the Kuibyshevsky District Court, accusing the woman of committing an administrative offense by breaking her quarantine and potentially exposing others to the contagious virus. 

Almost 230 Russian citizens are awaiting their return from China, Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency has said, according to CNN.

There are currently two confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Russia, according to a public watchdog, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being.

Both were Chinese nationals who traveled to Russia, but one of the individuals has recovered and left the hospital, CNN reported, citing TASS.

The coronavirus has killed nearly 1,400 people and has spread from Asia to other countries around the world.